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first night


Blues Experience Acoustic Trio

start h. 21:30

The “Blues Experience AcousticTrio” or rather ” The Not Just Blues Experience Acoustic Trio”

is a formation that was born almost spontaneously, so much so that it is not possible to set a precise date. The Blues Experience is not a musical formation but a concept whose components share a great passion for the Blues. The musicians are never the same for a long period of time, but they are all nevertheless seasoned and experienced musicians.

Experimentation is the watchword: pure contamination is the fact.

Their repertoire is built around blues and blues derivatives in which it is possible to hear unreleased tracks performed in new versions.

The Blues Experience Acoustic trio today are:

Mino Lionetti (Voice, Harmonica and Guitar)

Claudio Tristano (Guitar, Voice)

Ciccio Coretti (Guitar)

The Zac Schulze Gang

start h. 22:30

n the distant future of 2092, a group of time bandits were hell-bent on bringing hard-hitting blues rock with fusions of every genre ever conceived to the generations of the past. The time bandits flew back through the late 90s and early 2000s to bestow the magical powers of blues to three young babies. These three babies eventually grew up, and when they did, they started drinking. After they were finished drinking, they decided to start a band. This band was to be the greatest band ever to exist ever in the whole galaxy. The saviours of music as we know it. They would smite down the evil forces of the future and bring joy to the populations of the universe through their mix of fun blues rock originals and eclectic mixture of covers.

That band was to be called…

The Zac Schulze Gang.

second night


Southern Wheat

start h. 21:30

Southern Wheat is a brand new musical project from Apulia, started in 2019 by veteran drummer Oscar Marino, experimented bass player and singer Alessio Campanozzi and the young talented guitarist Carlo D’Addato.

The band mixes Blues and Rock, keeping an eye on the great bluesmen tradition but also exploring sounds from more modern, on the Rock side of things bands.

Their interpretation of the genre and of its timeless classics is personal yet orginal, trying to evoke and find a common ground between southern US cotton fields and southern Italy wheat fields, in an energetic, stunning and powerful sounding show.

Lebron Johnson

start h. 22:30

A new face of black music in Italy, Lebron Johnson is a singer with a voice that is both powerful and refined, with a warm and convincing timbre. Originally from Nigeria, Lebron has always been drawn to soul music in all its forms. His recent partnership with guitarist Andy Pitt has resulted in a particularly interesting project that combines the new sounds of modern soul with the guitarism of a pure blues matrix, creating an intense sound steeped in groove and feeling.

third night


Seminari Exhibition

start h. 21:30

Eight musical itineraries – guitar, bass, trumpet, clarinet, harmonica, sax, drums and singing – from August 2nd to August 6th, from 5pm to 8pm. Eight trips to get closer to music and its mystery. Eight unmissable opportunities, free and open to everyone, even to beginners of the instrument.

An experience of sharing and aggregation. All masterfully coordinated and directed by Maestro Francesco Marsigliese who will accompany the seminar participants in concert on the Blues in Town stage on the last day of the festival.

Koko Jean & The Tonics

start h. 22:30

Koko-Jean & The Tonics  offers you the best of four musically different worlds in a single bomb full of Soul, rhythm and Groove. The band is made up of  Koko-Jean ,  Anton Jarl ,  Victor Puertas  and  Dani Baraldés , four of the most critically acclaimed musicians on the Barcelona scene.

Koko-Jean & The Tonics  made their recording debut in February 2020 with the  Hairwhip EP , produced by Dani Nel lo, and in October of that same year, the saxophonist himself participated as a guest on the Please Mr. Milton EP , in which they performed a tribute to Little Milton with three versions of the best rhythm & blues.

In October 2021, they released their first full-length, Shaken & Stirred,  which includes 12 new songs -most of them their own and some covers- recorded at Feelback Studio in Barcelona, with Marc Tena Aguade (The Excitements, Tea Servants, Nu Niles…) becoming charge of production and mixing.

In 2022, the group was touring throughout the Peninsula (they were selected by the  Artistas  En  Ruta and  Gira ndo Por Salas cycles) and France, and they also released a new 7″ Sick & Tired with two unpublished songs.


The Blues in Town is popular poetry, the manifestation of a feeling, the story of a people that transforms itself into the history of all times, wearing the clothes of a universal language, that of emotions in music notes.
So “La Mela di Odessa” wants to pay homage to this refined, soft and velvety music, born from the intimate relationship between man and life!



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