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first night


Sebastiano Lillo

start h. 21:30

Fascinated by American roots music, especially blues, Sebastiano Lillo is constantly looking for the expressive possibilities of his instrument, developing a personal language characterized by fingerstyle and the use of the slide.
Its sound, recognizable and contaminated, ranges from delta & country blues to a more modern style steeped in jazz, gospel and world music.
He is among the most popular young slide and fingerpicking guitarists in Italy.
He is active as a recording session man, his resophonic guitar is present in productions ranging from folk, pop, indie and roots music (Giuliano Vozella, Camillo Pace, Acquasumarte, Rough Max & Steamrollers, Ed Ward).
He participated in the finals of the Italian Blues Challenge 2013 and 2014. In January 2015 he represented Italy at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis – USA.
He is a member, with Angela Esmeralda and the Poor Boys, alias Ste Barigazzi and Enry Zanni, of the “THE DRIVE” band with a strong imprint Hills Blues, Gospel, Roots.
Since 2012 he has been continuously conducting live activities between festivals, clubs, reviews and educational workshops in Italy and abroad.

Demian Dominguez

start h. 22:30

Great energy and strong personality are the main ingredients of the show of this extraordinary Argentine blues rock guitarist, one of the most popular in Europe and the United States. He has collaborated with the likes of Eric Sardinas, Jimmie Vaughan, Roy Rogers and Javier Vargas. The Demian Band The Movie DVD documents the tour made in more than six months in Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA. One of the most powerful guitarists today, Demian Dominguez leads the Demian Band on tour around the world making the wildest live performances in more than 12 countries and with an ever-growing audience. Demian Dominguez, known as a songwriter and singer born in Argentina and rooted in Spain, has traveled extensively across Europe, South America and the United States. He has shared stages with famous artists such as Jimmie Vaughan, Los Lobos, Eric Sardinas, Paul Shortino, Bernard Allison, Javier Vargas, Raimundo Amador, Pappo, Alejandro Lerner, among many others. During 2015/2016 his album “Goin’Ahead” was presented to audiences from all over Europe and the USA. With the album “Come To Get It”, the band has started to succeed with a big impact on the public and add even more kilometers and countries to their European tour in 2017/2018 in addition to the new recording “Souvenirs From Hell” along 2019/2020.

second night


Mino Lionetti Band

start h. 21:30

Passionate, powerful and bloodthirsty. This is what they say about Mino Lionetti after listening to him with his harmonica. The electrocution, the decision to love and devote himself to music occurs at the age of 6: as a punctual chirichetto, he attended church and did it mainly to be able to listen, in a privileged position, to an old Hammond organ, whose sonorities have brought out in him the predisposition to listen to black music such as Blues, Gospel, Soul. He joins, after a totally different musical experience and very distant from the blues with Talea, to a more mature band that embraces international Blues and Rock sounds: the Traamm. This evolution confirms even more his attitude towards the Blues. He studies the harmonica, practices, emulates the greatest: he wants to make that instrument his own and put it at his service during performances: with the Slow Drags Blues group, he goes on tour in Switzerland at “Casa Bar” in Zurich: with the same plays at the Pignola Blues Festival and opens the Andy Timmons concert. They still play at the Tropea blues festival, at the “Mare Blues” in Tricase (LE); they participate and win the Torrita Blues festival, and in 2011 at the Blues in Town they open the concert of the “Fabio Treves Blues Band”. Since 2012 he has collaborated with Martin’s Gumbo Blues Band (both live and in the studio) playing in Tip The Band and We Need a Mojo: with them he starts a thriving musical promotion playing in prestigious festivals such as Trasimeno Blues Festival, where they open the concert of the Nine Below Zero, Corbetta Blues Festival and perform in the prestigious Milanese club Spirit De Milan. In 2017 with the band leader Fabrizio Martin, he participated in the Chicago Blues Festival in the city of Chicago, performing in historic venues such as Rosa’s Lounge. Currently engaged in a solo project, Mino Lionetti & The Shuffle’s Brothers, which embraces the Texas and Chicago Blues and with Bob Cillo & The Mafia Trunk.

Toni Green & The Groove City

start h. 22:30

Toni Green is one of the best kept secrets in the current sphere of Soul. Originally from Memphis, after making her mark with Imported Moods, Toni joined the stable of legendary producer Willie Mitchell, along with Al Green, Ann Peebles, Otis Clay or Syl Johnson, and incorporates the prestigious Stax label. He toured extensively with Luther Ingram and the Doobie Brothers before making a name for himself in the New York studio world.

Toni Green is a highly sought after singer for her mastery of vocal harmonies. It was only in the 90s that he decided to take the plunge by recording several albums under his name. But the e-gemony of hip-hop leaves little room for Soul. His meeting in the 2000s with the French group Malted Milk gave him the expected rebirth and the energy to start over.

Toni Green returns stronger with the intention of completing the work begun and establishing himself as the leading figure of Soul who shows his relevance while preserving the legacy of Aretha Franklin, Ann Peebles, Etta James or Sharon Jones.

Toni Green joins Groove City, a Bolognese soul and rhythm & blues band active since 2005 that re-proposes the classic “Memphis sound” with some forays into funk and jazz. Over the years Groove City have collaborated with many international artists including Rick Hutton, Daria Biancardi, Charlie Wood, Sax Gordon, Bruce James & Bella Black, Theo Huff, Jerry Jones and Wee Willie Walker. Release of the new album in September 2022 under the guidance of Sébastian Danchin.

third night


Seminari Exhibition

start h. 21:30

Eight musical itineraries – guitar, bass, trumpet, clarinet, harmonica, sax, drums and singing – from August 31st to September 4th, from 5pm to 8pm. Eight trips to get closer to music and its mystery. Eight unmissable opportunities, free and open to everyone, even to beginners of the instrument.

An experience of sharing and aggregation. All masterfully coordinated and directed by Maestro Francesco Marsigliese who will accompany all the participants in the seminars in concert, on September 4th, on the Blues in Town stage.

Sven Hammond

start h. 22:30

It all started almost 15 years ago and still have great success: Sven Hammond. Since its creation in 2006, prominent man Sven Figee and his band of brothers have played hundreds of shows, both in their home country, the Netherlands, and abroad. They have 6 studio albums and 4 live albums under their name and they always sound fresh and current. Starting recording in 2019, the band returned to their roots as an instrumental group led by Hammond. The result is their new album “Sphere” (released April 16, 2021). An album dedicated to the music of jazz legend Thelonious Monk. Sven: ‘It was a while ago in a small bar in The Hague where I started playing Monk’s music and where the seeds for this idea were planted; an entire album with his compositions but in our own way. Organized to fit collaborations with contemporary artists and their music. Hip Hop and soul in the blender with Monk’s jazz hard bop. A very exciting project and an incredible mix of styles that really works! ‘The album became a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks with appearances by Typhoon, Akwasi, Cheyenne Toney, Gianski and Zoe Love Smith. With this album, the band set the tone for an exciting new round of shows (check out December’s “Sphere Clubtour” in the Netherlands) and are more ready than ever to bring their exciting sounds, grooves, dirty and always soulful on international stages in 2021 and beyond.


The Blues in Town is popular poetry, the manifestation of a feeling, the story of a people that transforms itself into the history of all times, wearing the clothes of a universal language, that of emotions in music notes.
So “La Mela di Odessa” wants to pay homage to this refined, soft and velvety music, born from the intimate relationship between man and life!



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