Io Coloro il blues

Selected works of the students of the two-year classes three-year artistic workshop audiovisual and multimedia address of the Nova Siri artistic high school.



Technique: digital graphics with Adobe Photoshop printed on 70X100 photographic paper.

Description of the work:

In the background there is an image of New Orleans, the birthplace of Blues music. In the foreground, on the other hand, there is a saxophone, an emblematic symbol of this musical genre, from which comes a trail of colors which is superimposed on a pentagram that accompanies its shape. There are also silhouettes in positions typical of Boogie-Woogie and Swing, dances born or influenced by the Blues. The colors are bright and strong in order to attract attention. The work aims to represent the Blues in its essence and the close link between music and art. This reflection comes from a quote by the philosopher Schopenhauer, who identified music as the “Supreme Art” and defined it precisely as an art that is superior and independent of the others, objective and universal language of the world.

“Music, which transcends ideas, is completely independent even from the phenomenal world, it simply ignores it, and in a certain way it could continue to exist even if the world no longer exists: something that cannot be said of the other arts. […] Music, therefore, is not at all, like the other arts, the image of ideas, but is instead the image of the will itself, of which even the ideas are objectivity: therefore the effect of music is all the more powerful and penetrating than that of the other arts: because these express only the shadow, while it expresses the essence. “



Technique: digital graphics with Adobe Photoshop printed on 70X100 photographic paper

Description of the work:

This work wants to represent the blues “artist” diped in art, music and color, he enters the work and releases his emotions through the notes. The representation is the result of a photographic processing, a vortex of color expresses the strong emotion that music can give to its spectators. With a shot aimed at focusing attention on a formal triangle whose vertices originate from the hand placed in the foreground, from the guitarist’s gaze and from the left hand on the keyboard.



Technique: digital graphics with Adobe Photoshop printed on 70X100 photographic paper.

Description of the work:

Parts of artistic works (paintings – Kandinsky, Picasso, etc.) depicting musical instruments (in particular those adopted in the blues world) or figures relating to the world of music were considered. Music lives in a different world from the one we live in, the two worlds are parallel and closely connected, this connection is given by the “connection” present between man and music. To every melody, to every musical note, something present in our world is metaphorically connected; every musical genre has given birth to something meaningful. So the blues in its small and immense world lets the notes come out of the saxophones and guitars, making them enter ours with extreme elegance and coordination. In places where music is an absolute value, blues is that composition, a set of elements that “push” man to live it fully: “A me me piace’ o’ blues  e tutte e juorne aggia cantà” (Pino Daniele – from A me me piace ‘o blues, 1980). As a genre born and developed in places where music was a need – as well as a pleasure – it is in close connection with the being of the man who tries to alienate himself by leaving our world with the same elegance and coordination of his notes, bringing this being to freedom, to the confusing beauty, to the frightening silence of the stars. The dark sky is the connection with the world where the blues originates, the stars are the emotions that man seeks and needs, the night sky is the place where certainties are sought but where answers don’t really matter that much. The magical instruments of the blues stand out for the magic of art under a night sky from which a piano falls like a star on our world.



Technique: digital graphics with Adobe Photoshop printed on 70X100 photographic paper

Description of the work:
Blues derives from the expression “to have the blue devils” (literally: to have the blue devils) with the meaning of “to be sad, agitated, depressed. The idea of ​​chaotically scattered images enclosed in the silhouette of man allude to his confusing state but to the same rich in color, full of life and emotions.



Technique: digital graphics with Adobe Photoshop printed on paper
photographic 70X100

Description of the work:

Subjective representation of “Blues music” through a portrait tribute to the “King of the Blues”: Riley B. King, aka “B. B. King “. In the background there is a night scene of the sea surrounded by two coasts, all illuminated by a soft light coming from the Moon. The artist decided to create this representation thanks to the inspiration obtained by listening to various tracks by the aforementioned singer-songwriter. He wanted to achieve a result of calm and tranquility given by the atmosphere of the sea and the moon. Calm and tranquility are the emotions that Blues music gives to the artist. Furthermore, the background is the result of a reference to the Ionian coast.



Technique: mixed color graphic drawing in pastel on paper and graphic elaboration printed on 70X100 photographic paper.

Description of the work:

In the background there is a play of light and shadow in shades of blue. In the foreground there is a man dressed in colorful clothes playing a guitar. The work represents the different shades that colors and music bring to each of us with gestures that may seem insignificant but which instead remain within us.



Technique: mixed watercolor and felt-tip pen on 70X100 cardboard

Description of the work:

Tribute to the eternal B.B. King the blues boy of Itta Bena small town in the state of Mississippi. The artist created the portrait of the genius of black music that represents the aura that was created around him while playing his “Lucille”, the inseparable and beloved guitar for which he lost his life at moments … “because of Lucille in moments I lose my life ».



Technique: mixed acrylic and marker on 70X100 cardboard

Description of the work:

From America the greatest musical genre of all time: the Blues. The America of slavery first and of freedom later. Although belonging to different compositional levels, the subjects of the representation merge, hinted at with a decisive and quick sign: the lyrics of the songs, the united states from which everything originates, the two musicians and their instruments finally below the work in the fields of cotton. We walk with our minds among these individual images and among the colors of the Mississippi in search of a safe connection: the guitar line goes straight towards us, drawing attention to the hands of the musicians to remind us that the true protagonist is only the blues.


black dreams

Technique: acrylic on canvas 60x100cm

Description of the work:

This is the essence of the blues: the melancholy mood and the emotions that burn the heart. The black color predominates the representation, it speaks to us of emptiness, chaos and origins, it is counterbalanced by its opposite, white, a symbol of light. Black corresponds to the primal chaos from which everything can arise, it is in fact associated with the invisible and the unknowable: the feelings that reside within us; and then black is the generator of songs and sounds that come to life from the vibrating strings of a guitar.


The Blues in Town is popular poetry, the manifestation of a feeling, the story of a people that transforms itself into the history of all times, wearing the clothes of a universal language, that of emotions in music notes.
So “La Mela di Odessa” wants to pay homage to this refined, soft and velvety music, born from the intimate relationship between man and life!



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