blues in art

The cultural association La Mela di Odessa promotes an exhibition of contemporary art to raise awareness of art on its territory.


The objective is to promote young artistic resources in the area and highlight their knowledge and sensitivity in the pictorial-artistic field. As H. Hofmannsthal explains, painting transforms space into time and music transforms time into space, the two disciplines are complementary and assert the same language in terms of harmony, composition, color, rhythms, times and spaces. Where the eye does not reach the ear continues. Sound accompanies sight … both senses are capable of creating soundscapes of the soul. The artist, who is a musician or a painter, has the power to give the public a collective and dreamy vision of a world made up of notes and brushstrokes. The cultural association La Mela of Odessa wanted to combine the visual arts with the music section of Blues In Town.


Representing music in painting. How music influences the artist’s soul. Transforming the pulsations the emotions of a piece of music into painting. What a painter sees with the notes of a musician.

As for Kandinsky, the music represented a sort of obsession, the colors represented a chorus that could be fixed on the canvas, “Color is a means of exerting a direct influence on the soul. Color is a key, the eye the hammer that hits it, the soul the instrument with a thousand strings “.


To participate in Blues In Art, you must register by filling in the appropriate form by sending it to the email annamaria@lameladiodessa.it or by writing to us on the Blues In Town page, and indicating your personal datails and datails relating to the work.

Registration is free, open to professionals and amateurs. The work must have a relevance to the aforementioned theme and the work must be received by 04 August 2015 at the headquarters of the Ass. Cultural La Mela Of Odessa, Via Sinisi Policoro (Mt). A space will be set up adjacent to the Blues in Town festival, from 5 to 9 August 2015.

The Organization guarantees the utmost care and custody of the works received, but declines all responsibility for any damage, tampering, fire, theft, loss, natural events, etc. that may occur during the exhibition period. Each participant grants free photographic reproduction rights or by any other means of the works presented for all activities related to the promotion of the exhibition.

The personal data of the participants will be processed in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03 on Privacy for the sole purpose of the proper conduct of the event and they will retain the rights provided for by art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03.

The association reserves the right to make any changes to this announcement at any time exclusively for the success of the event or for reasons of force majeure. The signing and presentation of the application form imply the complete and unconditional acceptance of these regulations. In the event of a sale of the work, the association will retain a percentage established in advance together with the artist, .. for the purpose of creating and improving the exhibitions.

The association is happy to invite every exhibiting artist, for those interested, to perform a live work during concerts.


The Blues in Town is popular poetry, the manifestation of a feeling, the story of a people that transforms itself into the history of all times, wearing the clothes of a universal language, that of emotions in music notes.
So “La Mela di Odessa” wants to pay homage to this refined, soft and velvety music, born from the intimate relationship between man and life!



Via Medaglia d'oro Sinisi, 43
Policoro, Matera, Basilicata


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