The Baby Blues was born as a type of journey through musical emotions with the aim of bringing children closer to music.

The baby blues is:

What does transmit a sound?
Send it to us with a look, with a facial expression, with a grimace.
Leave the words at home for once!

With a stroke of a pencil, give free rein to your imagination and describe the music you “hear”.
Because you can also communicate through drawing what is hidden from the mind of an adult, who listens only with his ears!

Manual skills
Create with the recycled material (straws, das, clothespins, rubber bands) instruments with which to produce sounds, then music.

Playing with music: what a thrill!
It might seem obvious to say that music arouses emotions, that it creates “particular” moods in us, but this path starts from the belief that music is a “language of emotions”.


Express them by attuning to your mood, develop your individual skills and potential in the relationship with the other.

Music, play, art and emotions that combine, this is our “baby blues”.



The Blues in Town is popular poetry, the manifestation of a feeling, the story of a people that transforms itself into the history of all times, wearing the clothes of a universal language, that of emotions in music notes.
So “La Mela di Odessa” wants to pay homage to this refined, soft and velvety music, born from the intimate relationship between man and life!



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